Jun. 9th, 2011

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14:23 Walmart takes on an almost dreamy lacey kind of glow when visiting while sick and on cold meds, just thought you should know. #

14:24 A lot of random people at the store wanted to chat with me today, maybe they want plague too. It's cool, I'll share! #

14:24 Been living off of rose tea and jasmine tea. Got two essential oils and grapeseed oil for only $15! #

14:27 that doesn't have a strong smell vs cosmetic smells and how to marry the two. #

14:27 Also, I think grapeseed is a better carrier than olive oil #themoreyouknow! #

14:36 The anthology process is so. . .difficult. It's a lot of squees & then oh crap I still can't really tell anyone yet until it's final final. #

14:38 I think I'm becoming a weirdo winter person. Why is there peer pressure to "enjoy" this weather? It's awful. No one says that in the winter #

14:41 Most of all, I want to than @DonCoyote for his invaluable editing skills. I would not have two more stories in final piles if not for him. #

12:07 La Luxure Attracting Solid Parfum in Honor of Erzulie Launched: tinyurl.com/3g44g9a (#Pagan) Limited edition! #

13:09 75% of wares are tagged and labeled, ebook reader covers not done for this show, will be done for next show. Not many dolls either. #

13:11 Tonight: make/label last batch of candles, decant/label oils. Label bags, stamp tissue paper. #

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