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My latest story How to Become a Lady Adventurer is available on Amazon Kindle! Though there were days I hated my editor with the bright fires of a bazillion suns, I think it's my best work because she made me work so hard for it. And I dorkily love the cover like a loving thing.

I signed contracts on two more pieces ("Tails" and a revised zaftig version of "Day Job").

I've been working on an eCourse on my other blog which has gotten me into a good writing habit even when I hate it and I'm going to take that practice and turn it into a book.

Getting there!
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* Jow and I hosted our first Boxing Day dinner for our moms, his stepdad and my sister, her husband and their baby. It went really well! I made an organic free range turkey and creamed corn from scratch among (far too many) other things.

* We decorated our rabbit burrow exactly the way we wanted to - cloved fruit, baskets of pinecones, roping, a teeny tiny bonsai evergreen that we decked and poinsettias over chocolate cherry bread and mulled wine.

* Our Christmas cash and prizes have made it so that Jow and I can do something really special for Valentine's Day. We're contemplating between seeing what Sleep No More has to offer and going to The Water Club in Atlantic City.

* I'm in love with my Ralph Lauren wool blanket I treated myself to for Christmas, mine's in camel. Also in love with the vintage jewelry box I got for myself, it's just like the ones my mom had that we used to play with when we were little. In love with the new apron Jow got me (mine has pink accents though).

* Since starting my New Year, New You: An Experiment in Radical Magical Transformation project on my other blog, that blog has gone pretty viral. I went from 3,305 page views in a month to 5,897 in the last month. I'm using the Experiment to launch a free 14 week eCourse, then a short book and then a full year course. I'm also using the uptick in readers to launch two new Special Edition Perfume oils and new Goddess Dollies, using a new pattern.

* My story "Maid for You" is officially part of Best Lesibian Erotica and I am officially paid for it. ;)

* Had a really good first year out with my shop La Sirene et Le Corbeau. I made a profit at almost all of my shows and made a good amount of Etsy sales. I just ordered all the supplies I need to restock and just officially booked my first show for 2012! Now I'm working on restocking.

* I just ran the numbers and I'm actually making the most I've ever made in my life between nannying and crafting, even more than corporate.

* I got a bunch of awesome cosmetics on super clearance, including a kabuki brush made from bamboo and natural fibers for $2.32!

* I've been doing really well with eating well and I start my first Barre Amped class on Monday and then after I'm done with those classes, I have five yoga classes waiting for me.

* I booked a season for boudoir photographs to be done in late Spring.

* Our wedding reception location has been booked.

* Next Thursday April, JohnM and I will be enjoying an Unhappy Hour and Goth night with caged goth girls dancing at Roxy & Duke's!

* Leather heated seats make driving pretty awesome and a sunroof lets more sun in to make it even toastier.

* Got asked to help plan a D/s High Protocol tea by the event organizer.
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The sale has been extended to 11:59p on Monday! All orders will be shipped on Tuesday! Get 15% off at La Sirene et Le Corbeau with the code CYBERMONDAY. Tiny terrariums, luxe soft hand spun hand dyed yarn, handpoured beeswax candles, Dream Ambassadors and Apothecary oils! Spread the word. ♥
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Following up on my article Finding Your Pagan Moral Compass: On Forgiveness, I wrote Finding Your Pagan Moral Compass: On Letting Go:

Now, as we just discussed in my previous article, I don't really ascribe to needing to forgive every person in your life. If that person has crossed a boundary that is unforgivable to you and you no longer wish to have a relationship with that person and strive to have as little contact with that person as possible, congratulations! I will be more than happy to write you a note excusing you from having to forgive that person. . .

Read the rest here.
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While we were thinking to take a cruise, hurricane Irene gave us a lot more downtime than we're used to so I decided to look into some other options. I really like ship life and the structure a cruise has as well as how offline it forces you to be but . . .you can't really get to see v. much of an area, the food isn't the most awesome ever (though it's decent, free and plentiful), it's a little pricey and . . .let's be frank. The rooms aren't the most romantic ever. A balcony and room service are romantic and the easy access to booze and nightlife is fun so there's a lot of pluses to consider but I wanted to make sure that it was the right choice.

I started researching places in the New England (as both Jow and I find it romantic) area covered under my mom's timeshare as she has a good amount of weeks and we'd just have to pay the exchange fee which would be v. nominal and showed Jow what I found. He liked the idea of a cruise but wasn't completely sold on it either, so right now I think we're going to go to the Berkshires as it's become a really interesting arty area with pretty scenery and really great restaurants and we'd stay here. It won a gold crown award (which they don't give to many), got really good user awards and every villa has a sexy fireplace and many have hot tubs along with full kitchens and nice master bedrooms. Neither of us have ever been to the Berkshires (important for me as I've been a lot of places and I want us to both experience it for the first time), it's only three and a half hours away so it's a fun lengthed road trip and I think it's a better fit. We save a lot of money going there so we can go for really nice dinners and really do it up. Plus . . .villa.
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My shop is now filled to the brim with lush smelling hand poured beeswax votives, luxuriously soft handspun yarns, posh apothecary style hand blended oils and beautifying hand felted goat's milk soaps! <3

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Dear Muse,
You are a horrible fickle b*tch. You had nothing to say to me for months and now? Now? Last night when I had to be asleep to be up early to nanny you couldn’t shut up for hours about a story I haven’t touched in years.
I hate you. I love you. I’ll thank you tomorrow.

I'm posting more and going somewhat more off track from what this blog is "supposed" to be about, something I myself scold about but. Penelope has been delightfully off the rails lately which has endeared her to me a great deal.

As y'all know, I is a riter. But I get distracted. Gordon is patient. He should consider some kind of high power cat herding career for his next move. But finally even he had enough of my squirrely writer ways and scolded from across the pond to say something like Darling, it doesn't matter which you pick. But write something and stick to it damn it. I'm supposed to be writing a kitchen witch book as you know. I set deadlines and word counts and then just sort of started chasing moths. I started focusing on my crafting and even going to the gym to dodge it.

But. She sneaks up on you. I needed to get up early this morning to herd my tiny charge who has now learned to throw toys but smiles while doing so, so I did what any chick would do - I went to the gym (*dodge*), took an extra xanax (*double dodge*) and a shot of vodka before bed (*suuuuuuuper dodge*). I was curled into bed with Jow and all of a sudden, I heard her. She was insistent. I told her to shut the fuck up as she's been ignoring me for months so I'm ignoring her now and I had work the next day, damn it. She didn't care. She never does. I try to explain work as an orderly concept of punching the clock and getting things done and getting paid for it regardless to inspiration but she rolled her eyes, smelling of tequila, last night's club makeup still smeared all over her. I have a theory. Remember that story you wrote like way more words than you ever have? But it sort of faltered and you didn't touch it for years? You didn't know what to do with her either, your heroine was unlikable in a Bella Swan kind of way before there was a Bella Swan? There were even two boys like in Those Books sort of? I fixed it. You're welcome. Meet Anna. Between my muse and Anna [a new character, the first time it's ever happened like that honestly], I was tossing and turning for hours and generally driving poor Jow crazy until I gave up and stumbled into the office and scribbled down some notes in the dark and tried to get them both to shut up already until I slept fitfully for a few hours.l

I got up and went to work, glad that my tiny charge can't talk yet. My arms were killing me from the gym and the baby. I stumbled home trying to jazz myself up for cooking and house cleaning but Jow had other plans. He enticed me into bed and to take my bra off and put on comfy 'jamas. Once we were lying in bed bullshitting about our days I knew there was no hope of any productivity which was only further proved by Jow seductively whispering that we could clean the house this weekend and order Chinese food. Since that was established and neither of us had slept (if I can't sleep, he can't sleep), I decided to share with him my encounter with my muse and Anna though I got shy feeling like it was a brilliant idea I had when drunk that wasn't so brilliant in the daylight. As we talked more about it and he got more interested, he said I needed to write this. And I realize I do, it's a burning in the blood now fueled by exhaustion. Of course, today I learned about my Florence's new song which led to this conversation:

Me (points to the screen): Why don't I have a work space like this?
Jow (patiently): You have the office.
Me: But . . .it's an office. I want creative romance!
Jow: She's a musician.
Me: She writes things too! It shows it right here! Plus I want candelabras and fancy water bottles. I concede I don't get the white frilly dress to flounce around in.
Jow: We'll invest in . . .candelabras?
Me: I want to go to thrift stores and get teacups and candelabras for next to nothing like MsDirty's and Italics' thrift store runs.
Jow: Okay.

So . . .it's on. Starting tomorrow, this is my project. But for now I need to cede the computer to Jow's Book Removal Wednesday.

End times, folks.
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Okay, first, OMFG, Earthquake! When you live on the east coast of the US that's not even supposed to be *possible* let alone a 5.8. Role playing games have apparently taught me nothing, I botched my initiative roll. Everything was shaking and I vaguely wondered if it was the quarry (What!) and by the time it sort of occured to me to find a doorway, it was over. All I kept thinking was this couldn't *possibly* be an earthquake. Then it stopped so I was like, *ignore*. Until everyone confirmed what it was and that there are probably aftershocks to look forward to and now I'm anxious about it again.

Anyway. After my last blog post some stepped in to defend Jow's right to books (also I think we can blame Jow for the earthquake as he *is* prepping to sell some). As I scolded in the comments, I'm an occultist/witch/sorceress/magicsprinklepony too and I have my weaknesses as well. I'm personally a component junkie which is why I love Hoodoo so much - herbs, candles, incense, circle equipment, I love all that crap. However all of my components reside neatly in two small bins under our altar (okay maybe three) and his books take up four Ikea Billy sized bookcases. When living in a small domicile, it's important that division of space should be equitable. I have a slightly larger clothing closet, he gets more bookshelf room, equitable.

But. If we weren't being fair, one of the rooms in my house would look like the picture. I didn't get to see that room in person when I went to Sleep No More, I had heard about it. Which brings us to initiatory experience, magic and theater. Let's talk some truth talk here, to get any kind of Pagan/Occult experience to have a certain level of theatricality, you're still dealing with your regularly practicing group and you're probably in someone's living room. It can still definitely be a super powerful experience but if you want to have an experience like out of The Craft or that one episode of Bones or basically any kind of awesomely executed movie scene . . .good luck. It's not going to happen. Why? We're not actors. We haven't practiced that scene six times or whatever. Neo-Paganism, like it or lump it, has more in common presently with coming from the sixties radical movements than when theater and religion used to mesh together in Greece.

The closest to that Greek theater/nitiatory experience that I've gotten is seeing Sleep No More. Firstly, you're wearing masks and you're not to speak. Secondly, each room is amazingly detailed as it took over 400 volunteers to put together the rooms. Thirdly, they separate you from whomever you came with so that you can have a solitary experience that is exactly what you want to do at all times.

Mush a silent super sexy dance version of MacBeth with Rebecca and Vertigo and put it in a huge warehouse that you've turned into a hotel out of the 30's/infirmary/insane asylum/graveyards and woods and you've got the play pretty much. Each performance lasts about an hour and then (sort of)loops three times to give you a dream like experience. There are smells everywhere (like the hospital wing *shudder* I'm still getting that out of my nose) and music and lighting and you're allowed to follow whatever characters you like and ransack the rooms at your leisure (they have guides watching you, masked and silent). If it gets to be too much you can hang out at the bar which looks and sounds like a club in an old movie where they have actors and musicians singing and you can text and not wear your mask.

Everyone from Amanda Palmer to Dita Von Teese to Adam Lambert have been, why not? You're masked, no one knows you. And all during the production, rooms are opening and closing (and locking and unlocking) so you're never sure where you've been or what you've seen. And if that wasn't enough, there are rooms that only a few people will get to see because an actor takes you to it (Inside the nurse's hut where you possibly get pricked on your thumb for blood, the three people who get to see Lady MacBeth's chapel a night, Lady MacDuff's private room, becoming one of the dead king's dead sons). It's been estimated that anyone who goes only sees 1/16 of the show in a night.

It's an experience unlike any other magical or theatrical experience I've ever had, it's out in the middle of nowhere Chelsea and has a real hotel plate, you don't give your ticket at the desk, just your name. It felt like being part of a secret occult society that I wasn'/t even allowed on the inner circle of. It was like a dream I can't quite describe to anyone but remember vividly - eating candy stealthily in the candy shop, still nervous about touching things, going into a coronor's office through a funeral parlor for four and finding that the dead girl wasn't dead after all and finding my way to a blood orgy/ritual in an abandoned club with strobe lights and a half man/half goat and naked witches making out with MacBeth and the animal/man and breast feeding a fake baby under Hecate's blood curdling cries, slow dream like dance movements as I watched scenes familiar and unfamiliar, the debutante's ball, getting into a four minute staring contest with a silent bellhop, dialing phones, trying to peek into the nurse's hut in the woods through the cracks on the outside of the hut, the room covered in tiny chalk words in strange patterns, the serial killer boards all over the place, watching things be buried and dug up in the cemetery, the Catholic idolatry everywhere, shaking presents and going through drawers and files, finding the bloodied torn apart padded room I was too afraid to enter, being splashed with Lady MacBeth's bloody bathwater in the room full of clawfoot tubs and everywhere you went, you were surrounded by a tableau like this one (attendees are masked, actors unmasked).

And after a certain point, it's hard to tell where you've been and what you've seen and things that are similar but not exactly the same and who is observing who and the fatigue that starts to give over to the ecstatic experience as it becomes harder and harder to tell what's real and what's dreamed. The *only* way you can ever experience such a ritualistic immersive experience is this way - to pay for your ticket and for there to be a cast of nearly a thousand people who have put this together to be so detailed and choreographed and the cast of thousands of devotees who have started their own strange rituals (like leaving their own hair samples in the room full of the four hundred volunteers' samples) happening under the sanctity of the production, just like it's happened in religion since religion started.

It's an ecstatic, spiritual experience that is not like anything you'll ever be able to experience again (and even people who have gone five or seven times have different dreamlike experiences each time) so as Ferris once said, If you have the means, I highly recommend it. If it gets extended until the end of the year, I'll sell whatever organ I have to so I can go again. It's been two weeks and I'm still dreaming and thinking about it.
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* I'm totally in love with the civil wars. They look like exes who still want to bone each other or half sibs who want to bone each other but they actually met at a music writing work shop which is so dorky it makes me love them more. My two fave songs are Barton Hollow and I Have This Friend

* I have most of my xmas stuff mapped out - The Book of Forbidden Knowledge for one cousin, a paint-it-yourself-My-Little-Pony for another cousin (college age), books already bought for my nephew and bath toy selected, dolls for my little cousins (and some smuggled make up for the one who's older at 13, I just don't want her to feel left out), quilt for my nanny charge, quilt for Jow's mom, bread and jam baskets for all my adult fam, scrapbook for my sis and her hubby of their kid, wall portrait with all our fam for my mom (and me and possibly my sis)(I already have cousins on the case scanning pics for me), dinner theater tickets for mom, monster mittens for tiny male cousin, and I have some ideas for SOs and such as well.

* Sold my last solid parfum on Etsy so I've bitten the bullet and selected an inexpensive digital camera that got a good review on CNET and pretty good user reviews.

* Bought my nephew his bday present so we have that done for Nov. (This)

* Groupons have been particularly awesome of late. I got a 5 pack of BarreAmped classes and a hair cut at an upscale edgy salon in New Brunswick for $20. Whoo!

* I have today to do whatever I want to do. Which has so far meant not getting dressed or showering and working out the rest of the fam's xmas list and finding a digital camera but it will now mean showering and getting dressed and cleaning and crafting. Hooray!
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* Got to see Sleep No More with James, it was amazing. All that I read about and more. While I didn't get any of the special one-on-one scenes, I got to catch all the key scenes and got to see the (in)famous Witches scene.

* Just sold my first skein of yarn on Etsy! Now I just need to get a new camera to really get new things up on my shop.

* Jow and I went for lunch today which included duck pizza with tomato jam and a lobster roll as well as browsing through Pottery Barn (where we found The Perfect Desk) and William Sonoma. Later we made dinner: mushroom ragout with a peashoot salad and mini seasalt brownies and frozen yogurt for dessert.

* Baked bread and set 12 skeins of yarn today. Also got to spin on my wheel for a while today.

* Four stories are waiting for the publisher's final decision, having made it past the editor. *fingers crossed!*
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We're planning dorks so most of this came together really easily. Jow is honestly super involved in the whole process which has been bad ass. It's funny that we're pretty much done at this point, it will just be small things like getting documents to be married, finalizing my lingerie picks, etc. We need to get our wills drawn up (not such a small thing ;p) and we already have our financial agreements drawn up.

All the details cut for the disinterested )

[glad game]

Aug. 4th, 2011 04:52 pm
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* My new family that I'm working for is working out really nicely.

* It is sooooo much more relaxing being engaged the second time than the first time. Lots more time to admire the ring and bask in everyone's well wishes and just enjoy each other and enjoy this happy time together.

* It's also been super enjoyable not having the pressure of a huge wedding weighing everything down and having a groom who actively *asks* to be involved in everything. We picked out simple cute invitations, I narrowed down what I want for my dress to like six dresses already (my mom was a wedding dress shopping junkie the first time, we went to way more than six *places* let alone dresses!) and it will cost somewhere between 10%-30% of my original dress, I've picked out some fun shoe options, sexy lingerie, we know we'll be getting married at the justice of the peace with possibly a church blessing for my mom (she's checking into it) and a private (as in just the two of us with the officiants) handfasting, we've narrowed down catering/venues to just a couple places . . . Jow's not into the big stag party thing so we're going to do a stag/hen party at our house with beer, wings and pizza and we'll watch a bunch of hentai and get a sex toy party consultant over (because I'm never going to have a tupperware party. A sex toy party on the other hand ;p), we know what cruise line we want to take for our honeymoon and we know we want to do a small registry at Crate and Barrel (we love meandering around there).

Mmmmmmmm. Happy!
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[ profile] shardkin proposed to me and I said yes! He wanted to propose to me last night at a concert by our favorite band but it wound up being a comedy of errors and we couldn't get there (it was monsooning, a water main break, almost getting rear ended, endless traffic, etc., etc.). We went to dinner and then he said he had a surprise planned for me at home. Me, being me, I said, did you teach the cats how to clean up their own poop? (No.)

He got down on one knee and proposed! I was so surprised I think I took like a minute to say yes :D: We then went to my Mom's to show her and by then it was starting to sink in so I started getting *super* excited and my throat felt like I was running. Mom already knew because Jow asked her for my hand!

We went to the grocery store to get champagne to celebrate and I wanted to run up and down the aisles flashing the ring ( . . .but I didn't as it was late and I didn't want people to call security because they thought I was on drugs. I did however make friends with the cashier. When she was like, how are you? I was like, ENGAGED!)

So when we got home, we played our favorite songs by the band we missed in my car and danced under the stars! It was perfect!

We're thinking September 2012, we know we want to go to Canada/New England on a cruise. We're sorting out the rest (though definitely something intimate).

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* Getting even better with my spinning wheel! I just spun the first part of my first llama roving!

* Jow and my sister both brought me flowers randomly on the same day :)

* House is sparkly clean

* Have been going to the gym

* Squash blossoms, even raw with a little salt totally live up to their hype

* Just finished a delish salad with a masala burger, mache lettuce, kumato tomatoes, dill, parsley, italian cheese with rosemary and goddess dressing

* Am plotting plotting things with my Platonic Euro Husband

* Finally have a good plan on how to write my kitchen witch book

* Been doing a lot of freelance

* Had fun at April's bbq

* Enjoying my new nail color (essie sterling silver)
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I am rabid in my love for her, her songs have always been deeply meaningful to me, her voice was always soulful and I kept hoping that she would be able to beat her demons, but in the end she couldn't and joined the 27 Club. People are upset because people like myself are talking about her today when things are awful in Oslo. Believe me, I'm thinking about that too, it's hard not to. But for me, her music was life changing for me. I hate the cheap jokes, like the inevitability of what happened makes it any less tragic. If that was the case then . . .cancer and other terminal illnesses wouldn't be tragic. Seeing it coming doesn't make it any easier. Seeing someone lose their battle with their addiction (something I've seen super up close and personal) is always ugly and painful because the addiction takes the light that person brought to the world out with it. It was easy to overlook her talent in the face of her demons, but she really had it. If you only think of "Rehab", that's the tip of the iceburg. Listen to Back to Black to really hear what she's about.

The things a lot of people didn't like about her were exactly what I loved - her crazy hair, her boldness, her tats . . .I wore my hair like her for my bachelorette party, my mom did it for me, reminiscing about how she did her hair like that for her engagement, a link bringing us a little closer together as I sat on a little stool in her bathroom covered in pins and hairspray.

And yeah, I always secretly wished that Adele, Amy and Kate all started an I don't give a fuck girl band together.

Phil Burcato spoke very eloquently and articulately about the Machine and Amy on facebook:

"The music business thrives on, exploits, rewards and feeds self-destructive neurosis. Art in general, and music in particular, gives wounded people a powerful outlet for pain. (cf. Michael Jackson.) The really wounded ones with commensurate talent, looks or both get to dance with their shadows and receive huge validation for doing so. The catch? Success locks them into a cycle where self-destruction forms not only part of that vocation's glamour but a very real part of its sincerity. Put simply, a talented wounded mess creates art from her pain; if she takes steps to fix the problem, she also risks losing her "edge" - that is, the wounding that makes that art so effective. Thus, there are several very convincing factors - internal as well as external - working AGAINST anything less than total flame-out. Beyond the obvious - and, let's be honest, undeniable - glamour of a burnt-out rock star (cf. Beatles vs Stones... even though one of the two IS still making music!), there's also the very real fact that pain DOES fuel creativity. As I've often said, "We cut ourselves and bleed art," and that's not really an exaggeration. An artist who manages to get his/ her/ its/their shit together usually DOES lose a vital part of what makes their work interesting. If that artist is lucky, dedicated and sane, s/he can find some NEW and HEALTHIER avenue toward creative edge. Most folks aren't that hard-working and fortunate, though... especially not considering how the music field personally and professionally rewards romantic oblivion. (cf. Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Vicious, Cobain, etc. etc. etc...) There's a reason for the car-accident appeal of BEHIND THE MUSIC... the same reason the story arc is so familiar. Wounded people gravitate toward art because it makes them/ us feel better, offers rewards often denied by (or impossible in) "mainstream society, and holds the potential for experiences everyone dreams of but few folks ever achieve. In return, however, an artist (especially in the music industry) winds up enmeshed in what Motely Crue referred to in their marvelous book THE DIRT as "The Machine." A succession of metaphorical levels and gears either takes aspiring artists up to dizzying but devastating heights, mashes them to pulp, or leaves them back at the starting line wishing they could go further. As the Crue point out, once you're ON The Machine, the only way off is to die. Healthy or otherwise, you're on there for the duration... and The Machine prefers a profitably glamorous corpse to a well-adjusted craftsman. (cf. the "cool appeal" of Motley Crue vs Rush.) No matter HOW sane and well-adjusted you try to be, The Machine drives you without mercy, feeding you every challenge and potential indulgence imaginable. If you try to fix yourself, you risk alienating your audience and collaborators (cf the film METALLICA: SOME KIND OF MONSTER.) If you hang on and go along for the ride, you almost inevitably wreck yourself and your career unless you're REALLY solid head-wise... at which point, your old audience will eventually consider you a boring old has-been. (cf. U2.) Maybe you can even recover from your fall and pull things back together again without dying (cf. Britney Spears.) I, however, you're someone like Amy Winehouse, gg allin or Fiona Apple, you resolve to make performance art out of your self-destruction and pray you leave a memorable legacy behind. And in THAT regard, Winehouse won the game, even as she lost her life. Call it tragedy, because it IS... but let's by honest: That's the business, too."

And April at Regretsy was awesome as always.
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* Puja'ed finally for the Holy Family complete with jasmine flower garland

* Zomg, these are the best summer shoes I have ever owned. Totes worth the $17, buy them immediately. (They have them in boy as well if you desire)

* Stila lipglosses are usually like $20 each but at Ulta you can get three of them for $12. I got my set in warm. Between the new gloss and Stardust eyeshadow I finally achieved that dewy glowy look (also with cheek stain, mineral powder and brow gel but it honestly takes five mins for the whole thing). Jow said I looked like I just came from the spa!

* Also got Organix face mask (buy one get one in store!) in lifting and radiance. They smell heavenly and are my favorite part of beauty regime! Jow was like, that's a lot going on. Are you taking care of your skin or becoming a fairy queen? I figure my 30s are for getting into a good diet/exercise regime and the time for creams and scrubs and then my 40's will be about getting my boobs reduced to a "small" D cup so my back doesn't break in half and I'm perky and then injecting whatever I want into my body. I'm only going under the knife for my boobs, everything else will be whatever I can do on my lunch hour. I figure by then there will be a better botox. As always, your judgment tastes delicious. Don't fret pets, I would (a) never do that much needle stuff and (b) can't afford to look like I have no emotions anyway. ;)

* My ass is significantly firmer and my skirt that I had bought in a bigger size is now starting to fall off of me. I've just been trying to eat healthierish.

* I made breakfast for once (usually Jow makes it) and made whole wheat french toast with bananas foster and fried prosciutto. Nom!

* New job is working out well thus far

* Fully plied my first yarns on my wheel!

* Got to write about a lot of fun things today like stag weekends.
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* Gained a level (and pay grade) with one of my freelance companies!
* Had a girls night in with D and April on Fri with vino and Sicilian pizza, nom!
* Now have a v. nice puja set for the Holy Fam
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