Jun. 6th, 2011

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14:06 I learned at a young age to be sex positive thanks to romance novels. Obvs, #romancekills. . .eventually? #

14:08 I still read YA novels because they're not afraid to discuss dark themes and show light at the end of the tunnel. #yasaves #

14:11 Bc of reading and writing romance, my brain has become so distorted that I've poisoned all my lovers. @Jowzeph you're next. #romancekills #

14:12 Finally, I have felted soaps to my satisfaction. 8 done, 4 to go. Roving is dyeing for the last set of 4. #

14:13 Just finished making my first solid perfume in honor of #Erzulie. It's a gorg creamy strawberry color and smells sexxxy. #

14:13 Am making an oil for people with chronic conditions in my crockpot. Beeswax candles are next. #

14:16 I'm booked to speak at my alma mater in September to speak to their Pagan group on Hoodoo 101. #

14:17 Drinking iced tea and eating mini blueberry scones with blueberry preserves. Nom! #

14:52 #Pagan #Erzulie Solid Parfum Release Announcement: dropoutdilettante.blogspot.com/2011/06/pre-release-announcement-first-magical.html #

16:29 Half of my candles are done for the craft show now. Covered in soap, beeswax and perfume. #adayinthelifeofacrafter #

16:47 I know it's your dress, but sometimes some days I kind of want to steal it, @graveyarddirt. #

17:47 “If you’re comfortable, you’re probably making the easy, wrong choices.” - Scott Sonnon via @thorncoyle . #

17:47 Hmmmm. Maybe my life is going where it's supposed to! #

17:49 I finally got felting soap right which is good bc I was getting v. annoyed w/ it & may have flipped a table if it didn't start working right #

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