May. 15th, 2011

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I've been reading a lot of books lately, since I started nannying. I have a lot of down time so I've been ripping through a lot of them, especially since my sister and I started an informal book club. One of the main points I've been thinking about is a point Kelly Cutrone made in her book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside - in your twenties, the tiger is riding you, in your thirties, you are riding that tiger. She's into Hinduism, so she was thinking about Durga but it's true either which way. I've been focusing really hard on trying to ride the tiger and gain control of who I'm trying to be.

This applies in many different ways. I'm figuring out that I prefer title editing over content writing and I need to start writing my kitchen witch book for real and stop fucking around about that. Most business people have failed start ups and when I stopped and thought about it, I've already had two! So that makes things easier, as I can learn from my mistakes and know I can fail and not die from it and get more kick ass. I've been figuring out how to build a brand for my crafting business and for my kitchen witch business and working on details about that. L. and I have our first craft show next month and instead of my usual, oh shit! This is happening, do everything last minute! I've been ordering supplies, figuring out a crafting schedule, getting hangtags and business cards made, selecting fixtures, figuring out a slogan, figuring out how things will be packaged and how things will be wrapped after purchase, etc, etc.

Sold some stuff I wasn't using at the garage sale and used the money to wash my car. I want to lick it when I am caught off guard by its smexxiness. I forgot how awesome it is to drive a car I really enjoy driving and owning. I've gotten lots of compliments on it too!

I've gotten my Spring wardrobe really well organized and got a lot of good buys on transition pieces, even my mom has noticed that I look well put together now instead of sort of looking like a hot mess on the day to day. It used to be really extreme - I'd have F. doing my hair and make up for big events, get laced into a corset and wear some kind of crazy over the top Neo-Victorian/goth outfit *ooooooooooor* it was yoga pants, no makeup, hair in a pony tail and a black t shirt with flats. I mean, that's v. skitzo, it was either all effort or no effort. I'm really finding my groove in moderate effort land. I have a fast hair routine down now and a fast makeup routine. Besides investing in clothing, I've paid more attention to accessories and proper shoes, etc.

We've also been pretty good about keeping up with the house as well. Generally when we have a party, we're running around cleaning and it's hard to have everything situated. For the cocktail party last night though Jow had the house clean on Friday so on Sat I could focus on going shopping for the party and prepping everything. I've been too tired for a v. long time now to pay attention to all the little details and last night I did my best to get back into that - I wore my favorite sexy little black dress with heels and did my hair and make up and put on some new matching jewelry, I had a pretty little mojito station set up and a matching mocktail to go with it and managed to get chairs spread out evenly and food spread out evenly through our entertaining space. I made sure the guest basket was neat and organized, bought fresh flowers, made a play list, and bought new candles to spread out through our place. I was able to make my rounds and talk to everyone pretty successfully and passed out individual bottles of after dinner drinks towards the end of the night. People stayed pretty late and ate and drank a lot which is generally a sign of success! Also, making out with L. in my bedroom added a certain je ne sais quoi of forbidden sexiness to everything. Lots of bawdy conversation (I won A2 from L. in a game of rock-paper-scissors, which is how we decide everything we explained) and smoking and drinking.

I was feeling v. overwhelmed by everything for a while, but I find when I take a deep breath and grab the task at hand by its tail and break it down into bite sized pieces, it becomes more manageable.

Now there are two more things I need to get done to really successfully be riding the tiger. I need to start going to the gym and start my kitchen witch book. These are two things I hope to start next week. No, not hope. Plan to. Take that tiger!


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