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corvaxgirl ([personal profile] corvaxgirl) wrote2011-08-20 12:50 pm

[glad game] If the right one came/ if the right one came along . . .

* I'm totally in love with the civil wars. They look like exes who still want to bone each other or half sibs who want to bone each other but they actually met at a music writing work shop which is so dorky it makes me love them more. My two fave songs are Barton Hollow and I Have This Friend

* I have most of my xmas stuff mapped out - The Book of Forbidden Knowledge for one cousin, a paint-it-yourself-My-Little-Pony for another cousin (college age), books already bought for my nephew and bath toy selected, dolls for my little cousins (and some smuggled make up for the one who's older at 13, I just don't want her to feel left out), quilt for my nanny charge, quilt for Jow's mom, bread and jam baskets for all my adult fam, scrapbook for my sis and her hubby of their kid, wall portrait with all our fam for my mom (and me and possibly my sis)(I already have cousins on the case scanning pics for me), dinner theater tickets for mom, monster mittens for tiny male cousin, and I have some ideas for SOs and such as well.

* Sold my last solid parfum on Etsy so I've bitten the bullet and selected an inexpensive digital camera that got a good review on CNET and pretty good user reviews.

* Bought my nephew his bday present so we have that done for Nov. (This)

* Groupons have been particularly awesome of late. I got a 5 pack of BarreAmped classes and a hair cut at an upscale edgy salon in New Brunswick for $20. Whoo!

* I have today to do whatever I want to do. Which has so far meant not getting dressed or showering and working out the rest of the fam's xmas list and finding a digital camera but it will now mean showering and getting dressed and cleaning and crafting. Hooray!

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