corvaxgirl: (cakes)
corvaxgirl ([personal profile] corvaxgirl) wrote2011-07-26 01:50 pm

[glad game]

* Getting even better with my spinning wheel! I just spun the first part of my first llama roving!

* Jow and my sister both brought me flowers randomly on the same day :)

* House is sparkly clean

* Have been going to the gym

* Squash blossoms, even raw with a little salt totally live up to their hype

* Just finished a delish salad with a masala burger, mache lettuce, kumato tomatoes, dill, parsley, italian cheese with rosemary and goddess dressing

* Am plotting plotting things with my Platonic Euro Husband

* Finally have a good plan on how to write my kitchen witch book

* Been doing a lot of freelance

* Had fun at April's bbq

* Enjoying my new nail color (essie sterling silver)

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