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I was talking to [ profile] maharet101 about goals and I realized I haven't been keeping up with posting progress on a weekly basis, mea culpa to myself, as it keeps me honest. Prolly not too much progress because I have been sick like whoa this month.

1. Spirituality
* Still mala'ing which I find a pretty awesome prayer method as well as effective in getting shit done.
* More active in the blogosphere, charting my thoughts and bits of my magical work as well as learning from others.
* More spellwork! "Oh honey, I can't recommend the dark arts enough, it's sooooo therapeutic." Did a honeypot spell, did a spirit bottle spell, and a mojo hand all for various purposes.

2. Get in Better Shape
* I should be well enough to go to the gym on Sunday, thankfully.
* Jow and I started eating salads for dinner last night

3. Writing
* Two stories out in circulation
* Got accepted to write for Demand Studios
* Blogging which is prep for my kitchen witch book
* Going to start working on kitchen witch book for a change of scene after doing some mill writing for moneycashhoes

4. Crafting
* Sent my yarn and dollies off with Lisa! Made labels for them too
* Put together the "skeleton" for the Trevia sister shop
* 2.5 skeins of yarn done, plans for other shop things too. Am hoping to launch the store by the beginning of next month.

5. Other
* Am finally getting better!
* Considering doctor bill, days off, etc. financially I'm in better shape than I expected.
* Poinsetta still not dead yet.
* Home improvements have included: put together backsplash and installed it, made bedcrown and installed it, installed curtains, put up one mural, and putting together day bed, getting a baker's rack for a central altar, put together fairy altar, purchased most of what's needed for terraniums, etc.


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