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While we were thinking to take a cruise, hurricane Irene gave us a lot more downtime than we're used to so I decided to look into some other options. I really like ship life and the structure a cruise has as well as how offline it forces you to be but . . .you can't really get to see v. much of an area, the food isn't the most awesome ever (though it's decent, free and plentiful), it's a little pricey and . . .let's be frank. The rooms aren't the most romantic ever. A balcony and room service are romantic and the easy access to booze and nightlife is fun so there's a lot of pluses to consider but I wanted to make sure that it was the right choice.

I started researching places in the New England (as both Jow and I find it romantic) area covered under my mom's timeshare as she has a good amount of weeks and we'd just have to pay the exchange fee which would be v. nominal and showed Jow what I found. He liked the idea of a cruise but wasn't completely sold on it either, so right now I think we're going to go to the Berkshires as it's become a really interesting arty area with pretty scenery and really great restaurants and we'd stay here. It won a gold crown award (which they don't give to many), got really good user awards and every villa has a sexy fireplace and many have hot tubs along with full kitchens and nice master bedrooms. Neither of us have ever been to the Berkshires (important for me as I've been a lot of places and I want us to both experience it for the first time), it's only three and a half hours away so it's a fun lengthed road trip and I think it's a better fit. We save a lot of money going there so we can go for really nice dinners and really do it up. Plus . . .villa.
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