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[glad game]

* My new family that I'm working for is working out really nicely.

* It is sooooo much more relaxing being engaged the second time than the first time. Lots more time to admire the ring and bask in everyone's well wishes and just enjoy each other and enjoy this happy time together.

* It's also been super enjoyable not having the pressure of a huge wedding weighing everything down and having a groom who actively *asks* to be involved in everything. We picked out simple cute invitations, I narrowed down what I want for my dress to like six dresses already (my mom was a wedding dress shopping junkie the first time, we went to way more than six *places* let alone dresses!) and it will cost somewhere between 10%-30% of my original dress, I've picked out some fun shoe options, sexy lingerie, we know we'll be getting married at the justice of the peace with possibly a church blessing for my mom (she's checking into it) and a private (as in just the two of us with the officiants) handfasting, we've narrowed down catering/venues to just a couple places . . . Jow's not into the big stag party thing so we're going to do a stag/hen party at our house with beer, wings and pizza and we'll watch a bunch of hentai and get a sex toy party consultant over (because I'm never going to have a tupperware party. A sex toy party on the other hand ;p), we know what cruise line we want to take for our honeymoon and we know we want to do a small registry at Crate and Barrel (we love meandering around there).

Mmmmmmmm. Happy!
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===We had a small ceremony that almost got me hunted down by a number of people. When Helen and I decided to get married, we chose my family's traditional time (Hallows) to get that done, and did not tell anyone until after we did it. I actually posted to LJ a note :I would like to let people know I am no longer with Helen (lastname)...and then had a cut.

===I of course posted under the cut I was now with Helen (married name).

===A nice, simple quiet ceremony, and celebrating with a few friends? Just the way to do it.