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corvaxgirl ([personal profile] corvaxgirl) wrote2011-07-12 04:43 pm

[glad game] Drag my teeth across your chest/ to taste your beating heart

* Puja'ed finally for the Holy Family complete with jasmine flower garland

* Zomg, these are the best summer shoes I have ever owned. Totes worth the $17, buy them immediately. (They have them in boy as well if you desire)

* Stila lipglosses are usually like $20 each but at Ulta you can get three of them for $12. I got my set in warm. Between the new gloss and Stardust eyeshadow I finally achieved that dewy glowy look (also with cheek stain, mineral powder and brow gel but it honestly takes five mins for the whole thing). Jow said I looked like I just came from the spa!

* Also got Organix face mask (buy one get one in store!) in lifting and radiance. They smell heavenly and are my favorite part of beauty regime! Jow was like, that's a lot going on. Are you taking care of your skin or becoming a fairy queen? I figure my 30s are for getting into a good diet/exercise regime and the time for creams and scrubs and then my 40's will be about getting my boobs reduced to a "small" D cup so my back doesn't break in half and I'm perky and then injecting whatever I want into my body. I'm only going under the knife for my boobs, everything else will be whatever I can do on my lunch hour. I figure by then there will be a better botox. As always, your judgment tastes delicious. Don't fret pets, I would (a) never do that much needle stuff and (b) can't afford to look like I have no emotions anyway. ;)

* My ass is significantly firmer and my skirt that I had bought in a bigger size is now starting to fall off of me. I've just been trying to eat healthierish.

* I made breakfast for once (usually Jow makes it) and made whole wheat french toast with bananas foster and fried prosciutto. Nom!

* New job is working out well thus far

* Fully plied my first yarns on my wheel!

* Got to write about a lot of fun things today like stag weekends.

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