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Today is Mabon, though I declared it fall on Monday on my FB because why not? It's also Rex Manning Day. April will be coming over to celebrate with J^1 and J^2 with Empire Records, spiked apple cider, popcorn and ice cream.

My sister is married, everyone behaved and she was mirculously pleased by the day. I gave a nice speech according to my friends though I could hear one of my older cousins shrilling, why is she getting emotional and talking like that? She's not dead! *eyeroll* This is why we can't have anything nice, family.

I got a lot of compliments on my ensemble. I don't photograph well in the wild and didn't bring a camera of my own (James and Melissa for some reason are the only ones who have fairly consist luck getting nice pics of me) and pics are still filtering in. Here's one but it really doesn't do justice to the back of my hair, the dress, my boobs, my waist or my ass. Just sayin'.

I have a lot of fall fantasies. They involve a super clean house, housewifery, cooking yummy fall dishes with lots of pumpkin and apple cider, huge chunky cardigans, Ugg cardi boots, crafting, working on Trevia, reading on a window seat with a cup of loose tea in front of a fireplace and other dreamy things.

My house is currently a pit of despair in terms of cleanliness and we are starting to suffer from clutter creep again, we need to reorg. I don't own any chunky cardis or Uggs or a window seat or a fireplace or loose leaf tea. I've have fibro/exhaustion/whatever since Monday, so nothing's really gotten done. I've been in a lot of pain and grateful that my sister slipped me some illicit Vicodin. When I run through that stash (which will most likely be due to the pills expiring and thus not working anymore and me throwing them out), I will petition my doctor for a small handful of big girl pain killers because they make a flare up so much easier. I've now used a total of 3 vicodin . . .in my entire life, so I don't think I'm in eminent danger of becoming like Dr. House. None today, I'm muddling through the rest of the flareup on my "regular" meds. I'm tired and hurty but it seems to be starting to get somewhat better.

Current To Do List to Take Life Back Until My Sister's Baby is Born in Late November (in chronological order):

1. Get out of fibro flare up. I'm hoping by tomorrow/Friday.

2. Continue to dig self out of incurred financial obligations that have happened due to weddings and wedding related costs. Attempt to start savings.

3. Return Ava dress.

4. Eat as much pumpkin goods as possible, along with apple cider.

5. Clean all things on Sat.

6. Start yoga.

7. Buy and send out baby shower invitations.

8. Read for fun.

9. Remember what fun's like with friends.

10. Remember what a sex life is like (with friends! ;p).

11. Go back to the gym.

12. Put yarn up for sale on my Etsy.

13. Go to Delicious Orchards

14. Samhain

15. Craft for Trevia.

16. Go to Rhode Island

17. Go to FairieCon

18. Attempt to get a chunky cardi or two.


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