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[ profile] shardkin proposed to me and I said yes! He wanted to propose to me last night at a concert by our favorite band but it wound up being a comedy of errors and we couldn't get there (it was monsooning, a water main break, almost getting rear ended, endless traffic, etc., etc.). We went to dinner and then he said he had a surprise planned for me at home. Me, being me, I said, did you teach the cats how to clean up their own poop? (No.)

He got down on one knee and proposed! I was so surprised I think I took like a minute to say yes :D: We then went to my Mom's to show her and by then it was starting to sink in so I started getting *super* excited and my throat felt like I was running. Mom already knew because Jow asked her for my hand!

We went to the grocery store to get champagne to celebrate and I wanted to run up and down the aisles flashing the ring ( . . .but I didn't as it was late and I didn't want people to call security because they thought I was on drugs. I did however make friends with the cashier. When she was like, how are you? I was like, ENGAGED!)

So when we got home, we played our favorite songs by the band we missed in my car and danced under the stars! It was perfect!

We're thinking September 2012, we know we want to go to Canada/New England on a cruise. We're sorting out the rest (though definitely something intimate).


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