Jan. 5th, 2012

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* Jow and I hosted our first Boxing Day dinner for our moms, his stepdad and my sister, her husband and their baby. It went really well! I made an organic free range turkey and creamed corn from scratch among (far too many) other things.

* We decorated our rabbit burrow exactly the way we wanted to - cloved fruit, baskets of pinecones, roping, a teeny tiny bonsai evergreen that we decked and poinsettias over chocolate cherry bread and mulled wine.

* Our Christmas cash and prizes have made it so that Jow and I can do something really special for Valentine's Day. We're contemplating between seeing what Sleep No More has to offer and going to The Water Club in Atlantic City.

* I'm in love with my Ralph Lauren wool blanket I treated myself to for Christmas, mine's in camel. Also in love with the vintage jewelry box I got for myself, it's just like the ones my mom had that we used to play with when we were little. In love with the new apron Jow got me (mine has pink accents though).

* Since starting my New Year, New You: An Experiment in Radical Magical Transformation project on my other blog, that blog has gone pretty viral. I went from 3,305 page views in a month to 5,897 in the last month. I'm using the Experiment to launch a free 14 week eCourse, then a short book and then a full year course. I'm also using the uptick in readers to launch two new Special Edition Perfume oils and new Goddess Dollies, using a new pattern.

* My story "Maid for You" is officially part of Best Lesibian Erotica and I am officially paid for it. ;)

* Had a really good first year out with my shop La Sirene et Le Corbeau. I made a profit at almost all of my shows and made a good amount of Etsy sales. I just ordered all the supplies I need to restock and just officially booked my first show for 2012! Now I'm working on restocking.

* I just ran the numbers and I'm actually making the most I've ever made in my life between nannying and crafting, even more than corporate.

* I got a bunch of awesome cosmetics on super clearance, including a kabuki brush made from bamboo and natural fibers for $2.32!

* I've been doing really well with eating well and I start my first Barre Amped class on Monday and then after I'm done with those classes, I have five yoga classes waiting for me.

* I booked a season for boudoir photographs to be done in late Spring.

* Our wedding reception location has been booked.

* Next Thursday April, JohnM and I will be enjoying an Unhappy Hour and Goth night with caged goth girls dancing at Roxy & Duke's!

* Leather heated seats make driving pretty awesome and a sunroof lets more sun in to make it even toastier.

* Got asked to help plan a D/s High Protocol tea by the event organizer.


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