May. 31st, 2011

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  • 15:14 #CharmedImSure #Pagan Blog Update: #
  • 12:40 Just finished revising and re-editing my #steampunk romantica and sent it off again! #RiterIsALotOfLatherRinseRepeat #
  • 10:57 . . .More from Sars' view on TWoP of course, not so much Jane Pratt/Sassy #
  • 10:57 Sums up a lot of my feelings about SalonCon: #
  • 13:00 The story for the curious is a fun, light hearted D/s romp called "Maid for You". It is completely angst free and fun. #
  • 12:58 #JustBeingNominatedIsAnHonor! #
  • 12:58 So now I have 2 stories in the final pile for 2 different anthologies, if I get into both it will be super awesome as that will be 3 books! #
  • 12:57 *squee!* I made the Finalist List for the anthology Best Lesbian Erotica 2012! I find out in a month if I get into the book! #
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May. 31st, 2011 01:36 pm
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LoudTwitter doesn't seem to be working right. If you want to know what I've been up to, check out my Twitter, follow me if you like.
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09:24 The Nigella/feminism link again: #

09:25 Over the weekend, I had a lovely wine soaked bbq with the triumverte, went to the sands with @Wraith235 where we won dinner money #

09:29 went outlet shopping with April and then brunch and domestic-y shopping with @Jowzeph #

09:51 I bought a coach bag super on sale but the drop handle isn't what I'd prefer. Too tight, it's uncomfy, too loose it slides. #

09:51 So I made an appt with a personal shopper at Bloomies as I had good luck with them last time. #

09:52 Thursday I get to hang with Miss B (my bff from KS). We scored a room at the Borgota in A.C.. I hear they have an awesome pool! #

09:53 Friday will be a party with Miss B at my sis' place #

09:55 Testing cellphone for twitter #

10:04 Usually women write to me about my #WitchVox articles, this time it's been solely men so far about unemployment. Interesting! #

10:44 Usually lately I feel like I'm pretending to dress like someone my mom's age (ugh) or an early twentysomething (also ugh). #

10:44 I feel like I'm finally starting to get this age appropriate thing down. "Youthful" as the personal shopper (who was around my ageish) said #

10:46 There. Finished obsessively planning my trip to A.C. with Miss B (where we will eat, what we will do, what we will drink). #

10:46 Luckily, she's indulgent about my crazy. I don't mind plan deviation but there has to be a plan. #

10:48 Plus I've learned that I suck at the basic function of walking. I can bike, ellipical, etc no prob. Walking a lot? Oh do I suck at it. #

10:51 All of my pieces on #WitchVox have been read by over 1,000 people #pleased #

11:37 Crafting has required more math than anything else I've done to date. #

12:09 Soap is setting! #

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