Apr. 15th, 2011

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I'm, like, afraid to say this and jinx myself but tentatively this family seems like . . .they're normal. Which is weird. Like it's just two parents who go to work who live in a big place but it's not super new and is tidy but not museum like and have a sense of humor and are just . . .nice people. Which has not been my experience at all in nannying so I'm still getting used to it. The girls are warming up to me and filled me in on all the good gossip (Jennifer G. has lice! Someone stole the bag of candy for good behavior in Hebrew school and now no candy for the rest of the year!).

But my fascination is honestly with the other nanny, who I call Big H (there are two of us because the girls are old enough that their after school activities are in literally two different directions, Big H is more the primary nanny and I'm more the secondary nanny). I'm pretty sure Big H. is only half human at most, she's got to have some kind of superhero/supernatural thing going for the other half. Big H. is 22 and is a tiny thing (I call her Big H. privately because I'm awed by her) who is always fashionably dressed without being a label whore about it. Big H. is taking this crazy full time course load *and* taking a condensed course in medical terminology on the side. She also has her phlebotomy certificate just in case (people always need people to draw blood), she's going to get her doctorate in physical therapy. She's learning all about alternative medication. She's a nanny! She does therapy involving horses for people regularly! She's been married for seven months! She has Lyme Disease, brain inflammation, arthritis, Crohn's disease *and* fibromyalgia. This has not made a dent in her as she will not be slowed down! She has shit to do! And she's going to do it!

I kind of want to be Big H when I grow up.
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Today I have:

+ Made a doctor's appointment
+ Kept fam appraised of an ongoing situation with another non immediate family member
+ Tallied up my non consolidated credit card debt (yeah, it's nothing big at all but I just need to come to terms with the fact that I'm hopeless with credit cards. I need one for an emergency but still)
+ Called my last boss to request a withdrawal from my 401K (yeah yeah penalties bad pony I know - (a) I still am leaving a good chunk in there and (b) this will make it so I can start saving money in earnest) which will cover paying off the non consolidated credit card debt *and* the car repair I need
+ Checked to see if I could get a better car insurance policy elsewhere
+ Filled out a lot of paper work that needed filling out
+ Payed bills
+ Baked bread
+ Followed up with Cat
+ Going to the motherfucking post office
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Love this meme:
I'm fantasizing today. Let's say you had NO IDEA what I do for work (which is probably true of some of you), and all you knew was that I wanted a change of career.

What real, achievable thing in the world should I be doing instead? Something that plays to my strengths and allows me to make something/somewhere more awesome just by showing up and being ME at it


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