Apr. 3rd, 2011

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+ It's amazing how not feeling like I'm getting hit in the face with a brick every damn day improves one's life.

+ My uncle is out of ICU! He is no longer on breathing tubes or dialysis! They're working on getting him off the feeding tube and rehab'ing him for the minor stroke (he had a big heart problem and then everything just sort of started to fall to shit - his kidneys, the minor stroke, breathing, etc). After two or three hellish weeks, it looks like for once we get a win!

+ Sparkling clean house!

+ Completed first week of nannying!

+ While I can't talk about it yet and nothing is at all in stone, I am short listed for an anthology! I've been doing really well lately with writing stuff I want to write, not just endless fact sheets. I also completed my first romantica from start to finish in forever and it's my first female-female (I'm not going to lie - from a strictly writing perspective it can be a total pain in the ass to write a female-female sex scene due to pronoun confusion. I punked out of the issue all together by writing in first person ;p) and managed to get it off *IN PAPER* (which, for the modern writer is a complete pain in the ass because we are lazy and fear post offices as a whole) for consideration for the Best Lesbian Anthology 2012 which is a goal completion in and of itself as I had not been brave enough to write a whole piece and got bogged down into that dumb gosh-am-I-even-qualified-to-write-this crap (which is ridic as I've had sex with numerous women on numerous occasions, you're welcome!)

+ Reading Naamah's Kiss. Kushiels always = a good time

+ Planning a delicious dinner tonight for [livejournal.com profile] shardkin, slow roasted vegetable primavera, jam cocktails and some other treats.

+ My nephew, Logan is 4 months old and he is a godzilla among babies! He's huge! He just started solid foods.

+ Had another wine, gossip and Degrassi afternoon yesterday with Miss April.

+ Rejuvenated my couch! Made it two inches taller with "Raise Its" (*such* a difference), got a two-piece Maytex cover in twill linen (word to the wise, do not even bother getting one piece covers, they never stay put. Also I strongly recommend against any material that is not twill or cotton, it doesn't wash well and is more likely to shift around), we use pvc pipe to keep the cover in place, I ironed the cover like a stepford psycho so it looks super nice and we also ordered soy pillow inserts which will help the two back cushions on the left and right sides.

+ Now off to the market and some makeup browsing!
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A few people on my f-list have been exploring the workings of their own brains and what challenges they have, reasons for it and possible hacks to work on them. I commented on a friend's entry about my own hacks which I will share here.

1. Working a mere ten hours a week outside the home makes a *huge* difference in my life. It makes me cranky to realize that as I want to be a housefraus (well . . .also a writer/crafter) in like the worst possible way but in general my brain is like, hahahaha you so funny about doing that completely full time! I need the outside world, I really lose my motivation and direction without business outside the house. I think about ten hours a week nannying is perfect for me right now, my fibro can handle it and it's enough so that it's a big fixture on my weekly planning so that I don't get too lazy.

2. I've been attempting meditation for a while and have gotten pretty good at japa so now I am trying to power up by trying additional meditation.

3. Leechblock only works for me really if I block out everything fun for several hours, it helps me stop dicking around.

4. I am attempting to present my brain with the following proposition with limited success: If you are too tired to craft or title edit then you are also too tired to eat a bunch of crap after dinner and/or slog around the internet. That is a work in progress.

5. No internet at least an hour before bed to start shutting down my brain.

6. Maybe I need to be real with myself that the only time writing really gets done is when I sit down and make myself do it for an extended amount of time and try to manage that. Like, spend a whole day doing that. I've been getting good at banging out (heh) a short story in a day or two and even better at letting it sit for a few days and going back to it with fresh eyes. Working on my kitchen witch book has been a big hurdle for me, I have the outline done which looks really good and together which in turn scares the shit out of me and I have been too afraid to work on it for some time. Once we replace my balance ball part of my balance ball chair (. . . .grrrr cats), I think I'm just going to go into my home office on one of my days off, leechblock everything fun and just do it.

7. For me, messy house does indeed = messy brain.

8. Getting dressed in the morning first thing and putting on makeup, jewelry and doing my hair is a huge difference in a productive day.

Any brain hacks you'd like to share?


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